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Forty Days with Jesus

40 Days With Jesus

Welcome To "The Chosen" Community A Forty-Day Journey with Jesus Through Scripture

The Journey Begins January 10th!

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Join Joel, our Director of Online Ministry on the “40 Days with Jesus” journey – beginning January 10th!


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This Weeks Readings

January 17th || “Hope” – Romans 5:2-5

January 18th || “Reset” – John 1:26-27

January 19th || “Tested” – Colossians 1:15-17

January 20th || “Proclaim” – Luke 4:18-19

January 21st || “Rejected” – Luke 4:24, 28-30

January 22nd || “Authority” – Luke 4:31-32

January 23rd || “Boldness” – Luke 11:9

Meet Simon Peter

Meet Mary Magdalene

Meet Nicodemus

Meet Matthew