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What’s New at FPC?

What’s New at FPC?

Church Updates Celebrating the great things happening at FPC


On Wednesday, May 4 over 300 people, ages 3-83, came to pack 40,000 meals for Rise Against Hunger. This was the first time we had had the event since the pandemic began, and – as always – it was one of the most fun events of the year.

The winners of our Rise Against Hunger Community Group Challenge were the Sticky Faith class with 26 folks registered for the event. Following closely were the Military Families class (16) and Basic Bible (15). The winners received doughnuts and juice delivered to their class on the following Sunday morning. Go team!

25 folks contributed to meet our $16,000 goal! That’s $0.40 a meal.

Valena’s high: Rise Against Hunger was out of this world amazing as our family of faith came together to package 40,000 for those experiencing food insecurity. What a blast and what a blessing!

Noel’s high: I LOVED Rise Against Hunger! I had so much fun meeting new people and getting to help out a little at every station.


This year’s Teacher Appreciation Week was May 2-6.

At FPP, parents and administrative staff took turns providing breakfast or lunch to the teachers for each day of the week. We love our FPP teachers!

On Tuesday, May 3, the FPC staff went to Jacox Elementary School to serve lunch to the teachers there. We have had a long partnership with Jacox and look forward to starting back with the Impact Homework Club this fall. Stay tuned for details!

FPC staff served sandwiches, salads, drinks, and cookies and thanked these amazing teachers for their incredible work. Encouraging our public school teachers is always a great idea.

Joyce’s high: Serving lunch at Jacox!!

Joel’s high: Gathering with the FPC and URC staff in the gym at Jacox elementary to serve lunch to the amazing and deserving staff for teacher appreciation week. It was a great opportunity to catch up with all of our dear friends at Jacox, and enjoy fun and fellowship together.


To date, our FPC family has raised $35,107.98 in support of the Outreach Foundation’s efforts to provide aid and assistance to refugees and those internally displaced by the conflict. You can still donate by writing a check with ‘Ukraine’ in the memo line, using the kiosk, or going online here and choosing ‘Ukraine Relief Efforts’ from the dropdown Fund menu.

From June 8-17 Jim and Sheryl will be on a whirlwind trip with the Outreach Foundation to locations in Poland, Lithuania, and Spain, where Ukrainian refugees have been settling, and where our partners are active. They will be offering prayers and encouragement in these difficult times, as well as bringing much- needed supplies and lending a hand in any way they can.

We will have a special prayer time in all three services on June 5 to pray for Jim, Sheryl, and the work they will be doing.

The Outreach Foundation provided a list of needed items. Anyone wishing to donate to this can drop items off at the table in the Breezeway by Wednesday, June 1. Items requested are:

• New born baby diapers

• Girls’socks(ages5-13)

• Kids’gummyvitamins

• Basic first-aid supplies and medicine

• Coloring books, crayons, markers

• Board games and card decks

• Basic hygiene products


We have had great response from our call for folks to help prepare Meals for the Shelter! On May 12, eleven people helped prepare 100 meals to serve to the Shelter guests. Our next meal preparation is this coming Thursday, June 2, and our volunteers slots are full at 19 people!

Our summer dates for Shelter Meals are July 14 and August 4. You can sign up to participate here, but don’t wait too long! These spots fill up fast!

Also on June 5, the Youth will have a Bubble Soccer Game at Botetourt Gardens. See Jackson for more details!

Friday, June 10, will be a Military Families Pizza Party. Come relax with our military families and enjoy fellowship and activities for the kids. RSVP here.

We are also collecting for Care Packages for our deployed military members. You can find a list of needed items in the Breezeway and drop them off from May 29-June 5.

Our first Parking Lot Party of the summer will be on Sunday, June 12 @ 4 p.m. It will be a Lū’au theme, complete with pulled pork, pineapple, and shaved ice! You won’t want to miss it! Bring your lawn chair and your friends! Sign up here to let us know you’re coming!

On Sunday, June 26, we will have FPC 101 for anyone who is interested in membership or wants to know more about FPC, its mission and its ministries. *Note this was moved from the previous date of June 5 due to Jim and Sheryl’s trip.

More great things happening this summer and we’re even excited about the fall already! Save the dates!

July 10-12: Family Vacation Bible School. Register here.

August 11-14: All-Church Massanetta Mission Trip Information and Registration is now available at netta2022/

August 21: Pie Parking Lot Party

September 12: Fall Kickoff and Church Picnic

October 21-23: Men’s Retreat (it’s back!)

October 26: Harvest Festival


We will begin our Summer Series on Sunday, June 12. We will be in the Gospel of Luke and will be reading through Bob Goff’s book Undistracted. We will also have book clubs forming during the Community Hour and at other times. More on that below!

This Sunday is Name Tag Sunday! Be sure to grab a name tag and introduce yourself to someone you don’t know!

We will introduce new members, the England family, this Sunday!

We celebrated 13 Confirmands joining the church on Sunday, May 15. These youth completed a rigorous Confirmation class from

November 2021 to April 2022, going on two retreats together, writing Statements of Faith, and being examined by the Session.

We still need folks to volunteer at the Welcome Desk on Sunday mornings, helping to greet visitors and provide information. If you are interested, please contact Allison Bough at



On Sunday, June 12, we will begin our Book Club groups during the Community Hour. May Community Groups and Sunday school classes are participating, and Valena is working on putting together other groups at that time and during the week.

Joanne gifted each member of the choir (including our ‘inactive’ members) with a copy of Undistracted by Bob Goff. They are planning to follow along with the congregation in their own community group this summer.

Valena has been working hard to create study guides for the Book Clubs. They will be available on June 12. The book, Undistracted, is available for purchase at the Welcome Desk. Copies are $15 each.

Children’s Sunday School

We are busy preparing for our summer Sunday school. We will only have two classes this summer, finishing Pre-K 3-1st grade and finishing 2nd-5th grade. However, even with only two classes we are still looking for help. Please let Noel know if you or anyone you know is interested in helping out!

FPC updates


So far, 14 kids have completed the Beatitudes challenge, learning all of the Beatitudes and earning a candy bar from Hunter!

Noel got everything ordered for VBS and is finishing up lesson plans/ rotation schedules for VBS and creating a decorating plan/
agenda. The Youth had a VBS decorating day on May 22nd to make lots of fun, giant props.

Joanne is working with Jackson and Noel on putting together a list of middle school kids (and rising middle school) with plans to start a middle school choir sometime this month that will meet on Wednesdays before the adult choir rehearsal. We are still in the planning stages, but I am so excited about what the future will hold for this.

Joyce and Joanne are working together to have the children sing with the choir for Pentecost Sunday at the beginning of June.

Joyce has also been working with our families on songs including “What a Beautiful Name” and “Spirit.”


Jackson is working on getting youth registered for FUGE Camp July 13-17. Don’t miss out! It’s a great time of fun, fellowship, and faith for our youth in the beautiful North Carolina mountains.

13 Youth were confirmed and joined the church on Sunday, May 15. We are so proud of these young people!

24 youth came out for Paint Wars on Sunday, May 1. It was a great, and colorful, time!

Youth also helped decorate for VBS on Sunday, May 22. Upcoming events include Bubble Soccer on June 5. Young Adults went out for dinner on May 12.


Big congratulations to Savannah Lindblad, our A/V team leader, who graduated on May 7 with a B.A. in Cinema-Television from Regent University. Savannah has been a stalwart member of the A/V team for more than three years, helping us get through the pandemic and build our online worship model! We are also happy to announce that she will remain part of the FPC A/V team!

Rebecca is working on updating our ‘Welcome to the Neighborhood’ bags to include information about our ministries and church and encourage folks to start inviting people to church again.


Benjamin and Joanne are working on a summer music series that we hope to launch in the next few weeks…more to come on this!

Benjamin has been in contact with our piano tuner/technician and he is working on a quote for the recommended repair work for the First Hall piano.

Joanne is working on finding and securing a location and date for an annual choir day-retreat for the end of the summer/beginning of the new school year.

20 members (and spouses) of the choir descended upon Off the Hook for dinner on Friday, May 13 followed by 28 of us sitting together to watch “The Sound of Music” at the opera house (part of the Virginia Arts Festival). It was a FABULOUS night! We were able to get a discount group rate for our tickets. Our soprano section leader, Ashlyn, is in the chorus and we are all excited to be together and support her. It leaves me wondering why we haven’t done this before. I plan to organize something similar on a regular basis.

We welcomed three new choir members: Zach and Gabe Wang and Emma Parker (our interim alto section leader). We also welcomed back Jill Jones after she took a hiatus as she was taking care of her grandson. We also welcomed another returning member, Kathy Stine, to the choir. Kathy has been away from the choir for at least 10 years, and I am thrilled to have her back with us. Joanne says, “It seems like every week I have one or two (or more) people inquiring about the choir and joining. It is so thrilling!”

The robe room got a much-needed overhaul. All the robes were organized and inventoried and labeled with the owners’ names. For

the time being, it looks like we have a good surplus of unassigned robes for newcomers.

The choir and Joanne are deciding when to take a break from Wednesday night rehearsals for the summer. Historically we have taken the whole summer off, but I am raring to go, and we have such great momentum at the moment, I hate to jeopardize that. We will definitely meet through the end of June.

The travel season is upon us, so our numbers are fluctuating so Joanne is working on putting together several solos, duets, and quartets over the summer and getting some of our volunteer singers out there in these roles.


Henry Joseph Duley was born on Friday, March 25 to FPC members Katimae and Joe Duley. He was baptized here on Sunday, May 15.

We’ve had many other baptisms as well!

  • Grayson Mesina, son of FPC members Armando and Eileen Mesina, was baptized on April 24.

  • Olivia and Jack O’Neal, children of Katie and Nathan O’Neal 

  • Baily Swegan, daughter of Bethany and Clair Swegan were baptized on May 15.

  • Henry and Loucie Banas, son and daughter of FPC members Jacklyn and Ryan Banks, were baptized on May 22.

    Valena has sent 25 emails to follow up on prayer requests and many more emails contacting people to help them find a Community Group or Book Club Group.

    Jim attended The Fellowship Community National Gathering in Washington, DC from May 17-19. This is an annual gathering of a network of churches and leaders called together to proclaim the

gospel of Jesus Christ by growing in Christ’s likeness, living by God’s word, and joining in God’s mission in the world.

He is preparing for his trip with the Outreach Foundation and excited to be working with them again!

Jim has sent 32 letters and notecards checking in and responding to prayer and pastoral needs.

Valena’s high: I am so thankful for our hard working staff and especially grateful for my assistant, Rachel Bender. She has been working extra hard these past three months as we have transitioned Abigail home from Missouri and struggled through a long school placement process. I am grateful that Abigail is now in a school that is addressing her academic needs and appears to be an excellent fit for her. She began on Tuesday, May 3. Yay!!


The Preschool held their end of year program on Wednesday, May 25. It was a great success! The classes performed in three separate sessions to continue to maintain safe social distancing among classes.

Kindergarten graduation is on Wednesday, June 8.

Contracts are being written for the 2022-2023 school year and summer staff & class schedule has been completed and distributed to teachers. The majority of staff have completed and submitted food handler certification

Preschool is now fully staffed for the summer!

CPR training is scheduled for Tuesday, May 31st from 9-11:30 for anyone who needs updated certification.

Scarlett, our Preschool Administrator, will be leaving work on June 6 for a medical leave. She will return toward the end of the summer. Please pray for a successful surgery and recovery!


We had a wonderful Organ Concert with organist Anthony Olds on Sunday, May 15! The concert included spirituals, protest songs, and other selections highlighting Black Sacred Music.

The FPC choir had 17 members participate in the concert and!!! it was the highlight of the year so far, well, there have been lots of highlights, but it was an AMAZING evening!!!

Antipas is working with Supt. Olds and other musicians to put together more evenings like the Organ Concert to bring people together through music.

The IMPACT Arts Camp is going really well in Norfolk, and the URC recently received a grant from the City to expand the program to Virginia Beach schools as well!