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The Kingdom grows each time beautiful worship is offered to God, each time a child learns the story of salvation from a Sunday school teacher, each time a small group welcomes a new member.

Every act of service can be eternal.  Every act of service can build the Kingdom of God on earth.  Come and join in the work. We want to see the Kingdom grow.



The Tech Crew is vital to a worship space fitted out with the latest technology to aid in our worship through visuals, video, sound, and lighting.  If you are interested in joining our FPC Tech Crew or want to find out more about this important ministry, please contact Valena Hoy.



The Chancel Choir is an integral part of the worship experience, leading the congregation in song and offering anthems. The group is comprised of about 30 singers from very different backgrounds. The section leaders are professional singers, whereas the volunteer singers have varied musical backgrounds. Some have had formal vocal or other musical training; others learn their parts by rote. New members are always welcome. Contact Joanne Whitaker for more information.



The Contemporary Worship Band leads the congregation in modern praise and worship songs and choruses.  The FPC Worship Band is comprised primarily of a rhythm section (keyboards, bass, drums, guitars) and additional instrumentation from time to time, as well as vocalists who serve on a rotating schedule. Most of our members are involved in other ministries of the church as well, yet come together to exalt the Lord, our God, and offer Him the glory He deserves! Contact Valena Hoy if you are interested in more info.




We love our kids at First Pres and we want to build meaningful relationships. To be involved in the children’s ministry – you must have been actively involved at FPC for the last six months and you must be a member of FPC.

If you meet those criteria, here’s how to help: 
1)Submit your contact info for a background check
2) Fill out the below

FPC’s youth and children volunteer leader application

FPC’s youth and children volunteer covenant

Complete the application and covenant and submit to Hunter Johnston, Children and Family Ministries Director.

Contact Hunter Johnston with any questions!


The Kingdom grows each time we offer a meal or a drink to those who are hungry or thirsty, each time we visit those in prison, each time we care for the sick, each time we defend the defenseless.

Every act of service can build the Kingdom of God on earth. Come and join in the work of bringing the Kingdom to our City – Norfolk. Contact Craig Campbell ( for more info.


Moment for Mission Urgent Need for Assistance for Afghan Refugees


In October, Sughla and her family came to Virginia, fleeing Afghanistan and leaving everything behind.  Her husband was almost killed trying to get into the airport in Kabul, and her brother had to come without his family. The family now faces hunger and poor living conditions without money.  Another sister arrived this week with her 5 children and had to leave her husband behind in Kabul.

Everyone is struggling to adjust to starting over, and Sughla, who speaks English well, carries these burdens the most, getting tearful when telling their stories.    

We Can Help Sughla and others with:

  • Low-cost Apartments
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Adult bikes to get to work
  • Household items such as furniture and carpets
  • Twin beds with sheets, blankets and pillows (These must be new)
  • Kitchen supplies like dishes, pots and pans, silverware and glassware
  • Pressure cookers
  • Toddler beds and cribs
  • Gift cards for diapers and other things

For more information contact Megan Padden,